CNN Will Never Show You What Melania Just Did. But We Will.

When you’ve thrown off the bonds of simple reporting and taken up the mantle of out right brain washing propaganda, your life can become more and more difficult as people catch on. Especially if you put all of your eggs in one basket, as companies like CNN did with Hillary Clinton.

The mainstream media cashed in every chip they had to try and get Hillary elected and since it didn’t work, they’ve found themselves with a horrible mess to try and clean up and a President that they’ve already done their best to discredit, and were unable.

Standing directly in opposition to the monster persona that the media has created for President Trump is his First Lady, Melania. Her soft spoken intelligence and dedication to family really puts a damper on the image they’d love to create for the First Family.

Melania Trump announced recently that she personally held the Catholic faith after meeting with the Pope a few months ago. The first family, while non-traditional, seems to be very close knit, and that is extremely unfortunate for those with a life goal to slander them.

You might be wondering why any of this is a bad thing. Well, firstly over 20% of the united states population is registered as Catholic. That’s a potential 1/5th of the population that will support the First Family on that basis alone. While I know not all Catholics will blindly follow, it can’t hurt the cause.

This also deeply humanizes the First Family and gives many a frame of reference for them. The less connected we feel to someone that the left hates, the better they like it. If we can look at them and compare them with our friends and neighbors who we like pretty well, or better yet, ourselves, the liberal angels are that much further from getting their wings.

The FLOTUS has been very careful about what information she lets out to the world, and the fact that she divulged this information must mean that she holds her faith very dear. If liberals don’t like that, they’re welcome to add it to the list of things not to vote for in 2020.

(Source: Red State Watcher)