Canada Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know What They’re ACTUALLY Doing With Their Illegal Immigrants

Canada’s is beginning to feel the sting of its Prime Minister’s liberal philosophy. Our northern neighbors have been sticking their noses into our illegal immigration problem and attempting to tell us that actually, it’s no problem at all. Illegals are great.

So great in fact that the Canadian military has been dispatched to defend a lonely border road accessible in upstate New York. Thousands of rejected asylum seekers are now trying their luck in Canada.

The Miami Herald reports:

“Canada has sent about 100 soldiers to a remote spot on the Quebec-New York border where asylum seekers are crossing illegally. The Canadian military said… that the soldiers will help the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canada Border Services Agency at the site. They are preparing a place for tents that can hold almost 500 people.”

Turns out the immigrant fairy tale isn’t so nice after all. People who immigrate legally enrich their new cultures. People who flout the law and sneak into the West illegally often bring havoc and disaster.

Most of the people trying to slink into Canada right now are Haitians. Haitians were granted special rights after their country was devastated by a hurricane, but the provision was intended to be temporary.

Haitians realize that the leniency afforded to them the Obama administration is unlikely to continue much longer. So they’re fleeing to Canada in an attempt to avoid deportation.

“It’s not a free ticket for refugee status” Liberal Party Member of ParliAment Brenda Shanahan said. “We would actually like to make that very clear, that regardless of what people are reading on social media and so on, crossing the border here does not guarantee an automatic entry.”

Illegal immigration is a complicated issue with no easy solutions. Throwing open the borders and beckoning all migrants forth is a bad plan. Europe will likely be reeling from the effects of their too generous immigration policy for years. Is Canada going down the same path?

(Source: Breitbart, The Miami Herald)