Brigitte Gabriel Revealed Islam’s Darkest Secret, And Liberals Want Her Silenced. We CANNOT Ignore This.

Many politicians, activists and even everyday citizens here in the west think we have all the facts about what’s going on in the middle east. The general consensus is that Israel is always at war with the Muslim countries; Islam wants to kill Jews and Christians and the moderate Muslims come to the U.S. so they can get away from all the war and extremism.

That ties everything up in a nice little bow for us. Isreal and the rest of the strange little countries will stay at war, and we will look like the benevolent big brother by taking in the non-radical Muslims and generally staying out of the fray.  That plan might have worked, except that they fray has found us, and we’re turning a blind eye.

Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese-American and National Security Expert who experienced Islamic terror first hand, and survived, talks about the ramifications of our ignorance of what’s going on in the middle east and ignoring the Muslim Brotherhood that is taking root in America.

She is absolutely right; it’s not a Republican issue or a Democrat issue, it’s an American issue because these people want to kill all of us. They have their orders, they have a plan, and they’ve certainly got the willpower to do it. It would be fantastic to think that this is a short-lived problem that will fade away. But, as Gabriel pointed out, it’s been going on for hundreds of years, and it will continue until the world as we know it ends, or every single Jew and Christian are dead. “It’s not about geography, it’s about ideology”

Dogs, filth, bodily fluids and Jews. That’s the category that this religion of tolerance that the left wants you to freely let into our country puts people in. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the whole video above, there’s an in-depth explanation of the “Muslim brotherhood” and how it started at 10:50.

It’s amazing to hear what these Muslims masquerading as feminists will say in order to try and silence the opposition. Who on earth gave these violent individuals the right to decide who deserves to keep the body parts they were born with. I thought these were the same people who say you can be whatever you want and yet they’re talking about taking body parts away from those that dare to disagree with them. Gabriel put it very succinctly when she said “I don’t care what rocks you beleive in as long as you don’t throw those rocks at me wanting to kill me”

Again, if you didn’t get the chance to watch the entire video, you can hear exactly what Gabriel wants to achieve with not only her speaking but her life at 20:33. It’s inspiring, and it shows the difference between a person who hates and a person who loves and wants to make the world a better place to live.

Obama didn’t cure everything like the liberals hoped, Trump won’t cure everything like the conservatives want to believe. It’s a war that we’ll continue fighting, with an enemy that will constantly reinvent itself as soon as it is identified; because people love to hate.

(Source: Youtube)