Bernie Sanders’ Wife Admits That She Committed Fraud. Just Kidding, She’s Blaming Her Investigation On…

Sen. Bernie Sanders and his wife are currently under investigation. The high-profile couple is accused of financial fraud. Jane Sanders, former president of the now defunct Burlington College, allegedly lied about the school’s ability to repay a loan she took out from the bank. Officials say that Bernie used his political clout to pressure the bank into approving the shoddy loan.

Instead of taking responsibility for her crimes, Jane has been whining about sexism. Apparently, the only reason people are inquiring into her corruption and incompetence is because she’s Bernie’s wife.

Jane lied to the bank, manipulated financial records, and hastened the ruin of a respectable college. Students who trusted her with their futures were cheated. She’s not being unfairly persecuted, if anything, her celebrity status is shielding her from harsher consequences.

“My wife is about the most honest person I know,” Bernie told CNN. “When she came to that college, it was failing financially and academically. When she left it, it was in better shape than it had ever been.”

Nonsense. Jane ruined the college’s prospects.

The National Review reports:

“Burlington College, under the leadership of former President Jane Sanders…bought for $10 million the former headquarters of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington in 2010 as part of an expansion plan. The purchase was made with $6 million in bank debt and a $3.5 million loan from the diocese. The college never collected many of the pledges made under Sanders’ tenure that were used as collateral for the deal, and ultimately, the diocese lost about $2 million in the deal. Sanders left the school in 2011 under a cloud and with a $200,000 buyout package.”

Jane was awarded a cushy position and she was unable to do the job. She’ll be lucky if she doesn’t end up in jail.

Democrats seem to have developed a taste for fake news, so the party is ignoring the Sanders’ shame and instead focusing on the imaginary Russia scandal.

(Source: National Review, Breitbart)