Ann Coulter Just Triggered Every Trump-Hating Snowflake With The Ugly Truth About Muslim Refugees

Ann Coulter isn’t exactly known for her soft-spoken nature and her ability to mince words, but she’s really putting opinion journalism on the top shelf in her interview with Fox. Coulter is not only an outspoken (and I mean, really outspoken) supporter of President Trump, but she holds an equal measure of disdain for those who let the bully that is political correctness keep law enforcement from doing their jobs and keeping us safe.

She’s got a few common sense answers for those who’d actually like to put a dent in terrorism in their (or our) country

Via The Blaze:

“What Trump, for example, suggested in his immigration policy paper — the greatest document since the Magna Carta — was a temporary ban on all immigration,” Coulter said. “You have no religious problem then. Why doesn’t he go back to that? It’s both more aggressive — be very careful. Let in a few a year. We’re letting in 2 million people a year — illegal, legal, guest workers. Probably more than 2 million. And The New York Times writes, ‘Well, it’s just impossible to vet that many people coming in.’ Well, don’t let in that many people then. It’s not that hard.”

Coulter added that a temporary ban on all immigration would effectively avoid religious conflict.

You can agree or disagree with Coulter’s arguments on a legal basis, however, the one thing that she does, that not many will, is that she refuses to let liberals push her instincts aside by saying that they’re elitists. She’s completely willing to say that we should lower the number of people coming into this country until it’s at a manageable level.

What is a manageable level, you ask? It would be a level where enforcement has the ability to actually check out the newcomers and make sure they don’t’ want to kill us. You can talk about our global responsibility, or how we have it so much better than the rest of the world, however, if we let our country be destroyed from the inside out, we won’t be any good to anyone, now will we.

(Source: The Blaze