An Unexpectedly Awesome Thing Happened When This Houston Bakery Got Flooded

Disaster sometimes stirs up the dregs of human nature. That’s not what’s happening with Hurricane Harvey however. Texans are binding together in remarkable ways; fresh stories of human bravery and kindness are being reported every single day.

Employees at a Houston bakery found themselves trapped inside the business for days while the storm raged around them. Instead of sitting around idly, the dedicated workers spent two tireless days preparing loaves of bread.


Food shortages are threatening the entire region. Entire families are going hungry. The owner of El Bolillo Bakery could have kept his bounty for himself and his employees, but instead the business decided to donate bread to the needy.

“Hearts go out to those in danger and those who have lost everything.. we are closed until further notice, but our bakers cooked all night long and we will be prepared to help as soon as we can with bread,” the bakery posted on Facebook.

Stay strong Texas. There are millions of Americans eager to help those affected by the hurricane. Human nature will prevail; we will not be defeated by a storm.

(Source: Breitbart)