Alert: Trump Administration Member Abruptly Leaves White House

Another Trump official is leaving the White House. Vice President Mike Pence’s spokesman Marc Lotter will now work in a critical role outside of the administration.

“I expect to play an even bigger tole supporting the president and vice president…” Lotter explained Friday.

Lotter’s role within the White House began to expand after Anthony Scaramucci was fired as communications director. He worked press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and newcomer Hope Hicks to stabilize the department while its staff was being decided.

The Daily Mail writes:

“Lotter will leave the administration at the end of the month… Lotter’s move is said to have been in the works for weeks but only became public on Friday. The administration feels it needs a strong surrogate on the outside who doesn’t have the messy business interest…”’

Team Trump needs outside help. Republicans are behaving so poorly that the president’s agenda is languishing in Congress instead of being passed. Lotter isn’t going anywhere, he’s taking on a new role so he can better serve the president.

There aren’t enough Trump loyalists in Washington.

(Source: Daily Mail)