Alert: ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Targeted In Overseas Attack

Defense Secretary James Mattis arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan Wednesday. Just hours after he touched down a flurry of rockets were fired at the airport. The Taliban has confirmed that the attack was intended for Mattis’ plane.

Eight years of mismanagement by Barack Obama fueled the Taliban’s growth. Instead of dwindling, the terrorists’ influence and power surged during the last administration. Mattis and President Trump are planning a much more aggressive approach.

The militants who tried to attack Mattis failed. They messed up their timing so badly that Mattis was nowhere near the area where the rockets went off. This is who we’ve been fighting for the last sixteen years, buffoons. The Taliban isn’t the Russian KBG, their best soldiers are outshone by our mediocre ones.

“If in fact there was an attack on an international airport anywhere in the world, if it’s an attack by a terrorist it’s designed to go after innocent people,” Mattis said after the attack.

“And this is a classic definition of what the Taliban is up to now… We will suffocate any hope that Al Qaeda or ISIS or the Taliban have of winning by killing.”

“Mad Dog” Mattis isn’t scared. The Taliban’s attack resulted in a few civilian casualties. A strike by U.S. military forces will be far more effective. If the Taliban doesn’t consent to a ceasefire, they’re at risk of being destroyed.

(Source: New York Post)