Alert: ISIS Claims Responsibility

It keeps happening.

ISIS maniacs armed with guns, knives, trucks, or explosives continue to assault Western society. Two young girls, both under 21, were brutally killed in a Marseilles knife attack. ISIS took responsibility for the attack within hours.

The deranged militant attacked his victims at a train station. He slit one of the young girl’s throats from behind before plunging his knife into his next victim’s abdomen. He then went shrieking and running toward police officers, who instantly gunned him down.

“We have until now managed to avoid such dramatic incidents,” said Marseilles Mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin. “I think it was a terrorist attack and the individual who was killed seems to have had several identities.”

What can we do to save ourselves? As ISIS gets pulverized in the Middle East, its disparate fighters seem to become more desperate. The first girl who was slain in the Marseilles attack never saw it coming. She was simply sitting in the train station when suddenly she was being attacked from behind.

It’s a relief that the attacker couldn’t get his hands on a more dangerous weapon. If he had used a powerful explosive, or an automatic weapon, he could have done a lot of damage. The death toll probably would have been significantly higher.

(Source: New York Post)