White House Unveils Shock Strategy To Replace Roy Moore In Senate Even If He Wins Race

The Republican Party is scrambling to come up with a solution to the unfolding crisis in Alabama. What should have been an easy win has turned into a disastrous incident that’s going to hurt the party moving forward.

However, the White House has been strategizing in recent days, and rumor has it the administration is considering a nuclear option to retain the coveted Senate seat.

As reported at the New York Post, the Trump administration is determined to win in Alabama at all costs, as they’re considering replacing Moore with another well-known politician–Jeff Sessions. Of course, the seat up for grabs was Sessions’ until late last year when Trump appointed him Attorney General, which is why Alabama is having a special election to fill it.

This very unorthodox idea isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Sessions was very popular in the state and has immediate name recognition among voters. Not only that, Republicans in Alabama and across the nation are very aware of how important it is to hold onto the seat, which is why Moore has retained significant support despite the allegations.

And that’s exactly why replacing him with Sessions is potentially viable, as there would be little reason for would-be Republican voters not to support the party’s candidate.

However, the idea is contingent upon Moore winning, then being expelled from the Senate. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey could then theoretically appoint Sessions to the seat. So voters would be supporting Moore in the election knowing that he would immediately be replaced with Sessions.

While it’s possible Moore can still win, his support is slowly crumbling, which is why many Republicans are begging voters to write-in Moore’s primary challenger, Luther Strange.

There are also quite a few calling for him to drop out of the race now, which would hand the seat to the Democrats unopposed. As it stands, there are no good options. This scandal erupted at the worst possible moment, giving the GOP no time to come up with a viable solution. There’s no telling what’s going to happen moving forward.

All conservatives can do is decide if they can hold their nose and support Moore, realizing that regardless of the White House’s schemes, he’s getting kicked out of Congress. It’s an unfortunate situation for voters to be in, but voting for him would at least give the GOP a chance to fill the seat with a conservative instead of handing it over to the Left.

Source: New York Post