When They Said Melania “Plagiarized” Michelle Obama, Chris Christie KNOCKED ‘Em OUT!

There have been reports flying across the internet today about Melania Trump and how she “stole” and “plagiarized” lines from Michelle Obama’s speech to the DNC in 2008. We know that it’s completely ridiculous, but this is the internet and people just love to have a field day with rumors, so we’re not entirely surprised.

What we are surprised about, however, is that Chris Christie of all people is coming to her defense. Liberal dipstick Matt Lauer decided to add fuel to the completely unnecessary bon fire that was her speech and it’s “plagiarizing” nature by saying it was “almost word for word.” Christie then shut him up FAST by telling him that 93% of her speech was different.

I love when Liberals try to dig up dirt exactly where there isn’t any. They’ve already shamed Melania with her modeling past, even though that was despicable and disgusting, and she shrugged it off like it was nothing. I expect the same from this classy woman who will be and even classier first lady.

Comparing her to Michelle “I hate America” Obama is insulting, even on this level. Give it up Liberals, you’re grasping at straws here.

(Source: YouTube)