When They Let Hillary Go, Judge Jeanine UNLOADED On The FBI! She Is MAD AS HELL!

I would NOT want to mess with Judge Jeanine Pirro. She seems like exactly the person that would hunt down the people doing wrong and make them pay.

It’s a great thing that she’s on our side – the side of logic, facts, and truth. When Hillary wasn’t convicted of wrongdoing by the FBI, Jeanine spoke out about it.

Now, she’s angry as hell because of the one government agency that could stop Clinton in her tracks – the FBI. Judge Jeanine goes off on Director James Comey for his role is letting the obviously lying Hillary go.

According to Fox Newshttp://insider.foxnews.com/2016/07/05/judge-jeanine-jim-comey-hillary-emails-comey-has-destroyed-reputation-fbi,

Judge Jeanine Pirro harshly criticized FBI Director James Comey for recommending no charges against Hillary Clinton, saying the director has “destroyed the reputation” of his agency.

“This is a dark day for criminal justice,” she said. “This is a dark day for the Department of Justice and the FBI. There’s a lot of good people in those departments. He has destroyed that reputation.”

Pirro also reacted to Comey saying that there would normally be “administrative sanctions” for someone who made the same mistakes as Clinton.

“If she were to be president of the United States, hasn’t she already proven that she cannot be trusted with this information? Shouldn’t she lose any security clearance that she has?”

She sharply disagreed that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring a criminal case against Clinton.

“Jim, you’re wrong. I respect you but you’re wrong.”

Pirro said the case should have gone before a grand jury, “but instead, political appointees will make this decision and it’s a shame for this country.”

Here’s the entire segment:

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