When The Left Tried To Silence Piers Morgan, He Spoke Up And Shut THEM Up For Good

British journalist Piers Morgan went on Fox News with Sean Hannity to talk about the mainstream media’s hatchet job of the Trump administration.

It’s a proud tradition with journalists the world over to not pull any punches when it comes to reporting crime and corruption in politics. However, much of what the major news sources are doing is nothing short of manipulation of the American people in order to try and destroy a President that they were unable to keep out of office.

Piers believes these tactics are fundamentally “un-American.” He is quoted as saying that the media’s nakedly partisan coverage of Trump is actually bordering on abuse.

Via Fox News:

“There is an absolutely frenzied and concerted attempt to delegitimize, sabotage and destroy the Trump presidency before it’s even started,” Morgan said. “I think that is un-American. . . This is a wildly exaggerated view,” Morgan said. “The facts are, there is nothing right now to link Donald Trump to any collusion with anyone from Russia in relation to the American election. Nothing.”

It’s a sad day in America when it takes a Brit to show us what it means to be Patriotic.

The media needs to stop trying to manipulate Americans into cutting off their noses to spite their face. They can make fun of President Trump all they want, but the fact is that he won fair and square(don’t even start with me about Russians)and he’s gotten amazing, bi-partisan ratings, across ALL ethnic backgrounds.

So to the MSM, please, do your job and report the news, don’t distort it.

To the American’s who continue to support President Trump, keep up the good work! Way to prove to the liberals that we can use our heads for something other than a hat rack.