When Geraldo Said “Illegals Don’t Commit Crimes!” Ann Coulter Shut Him DOWN!

Geraldo Rivera is a talking head that can’t seem to shut up. He’s almost never right about anything, yet he’s given a platform to spew his nonsense on a regular basis. I guess this is what Fox News means by “fair and balanced.” Rivera, being hispanic, has taken up the pet cause of illegal immigration.

He goes far to talk about how it’s good for the country, all the while not portraying the very real bad side. Thankfully, we have Ann Coulter for that – an ardent Trump supporter and one who understands the subject of illegal immigration all too well. She takes him to task for his nonsensical statements and her victory is indeed glorious.

Watch this and try not to get up and cheer.

Do you think she was too hard on him, or not hard enough?

(Source: YouTube)