When BlackLivesMatter Said The France Terror Attack Stole Their Spotlight, AMERICA Knocked ‘Em Out!

The phrase “never let a good tragedy go to waste” is in full effect, and you’re seeing the evil agenda of these groups that want nothing more than to shape young minds into joining their toxic ideology.

After an ISIS-led attack that claimed the lives of more than 80 people in the town of Nice, France, it was a media firestorm to see who could make this tragedy work for them, but no group was more forward and unapologetic than the proponents of Black Lives Matter.

According to Daily Caller,

Many users criticized the world for showing support for the victims of the Nice attack, yet staying silent about Black Lives Matter.

However, others were a bit more eloquent and smart about their assertions, pointing out that Black Lives Matter is full of crybabies that just want attention:


And my personal favorite…

And BOOM goes the dynamite! Share this if you’re not afraid of saying Black Lives Matter is a racist hate group!