When Another Store Droped Ivanka’s Line, They Didn’t Expect The Worst Backlash From America Yet!

It seems like the left just cannot cope with the Trumps being in the White House. Here’s another instance that’s sure to piss off any red blooded American.

Burlington Coat Factory is facing scrutiny from middle American’s this week after it was discovered that they had dropped Ivanka Trump’s clothing line from their stores. Many of the stores’ “middle American” clientele have been very outspoken about their disgust for this revolting new development and have taken to social media to voice those opinions.

NJ Advance showed many who were displeased:

“We won’t be shopping at Burlington anymore due to their political agenda,” one person said on Facebook, while another posted: “If you dropped Ivanka Trump’s line, I will never shop at your store again.”

“No more money from me Burlington. I’ll take my back to school shopping elsewhere,” someone else said.

The New Jersey-based retailer is also getting support from some of it’s die hard fan base. The campaign was started the #GrabYourWallet campaign’s website, which lists people and companies that have either endorsed President Donald Trump or sell Trump products, Burlington is still selling her products in brick-and-mortar stores.

Burlington Coat Factory has not responded to requests for comment. Who’s up for a boycott?