What Ted Cruz Just Did Put His Campaign ON THE ROPES! Trump, TAKE HIM OUT!

Breaking news this morning and it doesn’t look good for the Cruz campaign.

Overnight, Cruz fired his top aide, Rick Tyler. Tyler was the mastermind behind the misleading attacks against Marco Rubio and Ben Carson.

This latest attack was a video Tyler posted on Facebook about a Cruz staff member talking to Rubio in the lobby of a hotel. Here’s how the exchange went down.


On Monday, amid persistent sniping from Mr. Rubio and Donald J. Trump about the Cruz campaign’s penchant to mislead, the Texas senator was at last forced to acknowledge his team had gone too far.

At issue was a video of a hotel lobby encounter between Mr. Rubio and a Cruz staff member who had a Bible with him. The video’s subtitles suggested Mr. Rubio had said there were “not many answers” in the Bible. Mr. Cruz’s communications director, Rick Tyler, posted the video on Facebook and Twitter on Sunday, needling Mr. Rubio for an “awkward remark.”

In fact, Mr. Rubio had said the Bible had “all the answers.”

Mr. Cruz said Monday that he had spent the morning investigating the episode.

This is just another deceitful tactic by the Cruz campaign. Last month, they told voters that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race directly before the Iowa caucus. They also sent out confusing voter mailings catching more flack from everyone, especially Donald Trump. And now, American’s are starting to take notice.

Mr. Cruz, once one of the most broadly popular candidates in the field, has seen his favorability ratings slip as the race has taken a sharply negative turn. A Monmouth University poll of South Carolina Republicans showed Mr. Cruz with a 45 percent favorability rating and a 39 percent unfavorable rating, a steep fall from November figures of 52 and 21.

Here is Cruz trying to save face after he was caught red handed:

This could be the beginning of the end for the Cruz campaign. Time will tell, but we’ll get a better idea at today’s Nevada Primary.

(Source: The New York Times)