What Judge Jeanine Said About Obama’s Anti-Cop Speech Is EXACTLY What American NEEDS To Hear!

There are a two things that are certain this election season. The first is that Democrats will lie to the public if that means more votes and more power, and the second is that Judge Jeanine Pirro will call them out on their deceptive BS. Today, we see one of her trademark takedowns, but with an extremely sensitive topic – the slaying of five Dallas police officers in an attack perpetrated by sniper fueled by anti-cop and anti-white rhetoric.

The shooter named Black Lives matter in his reasoning for murdering the cops, coupled with the fact that he wanted to “kill white people, and especially white cops.” This comes directly off the heels of Obama’s speech talking about how cops aren’t doing their job to cater to the black communities of this country.

Here’s what Obama said:

Obama puts the blame solely on police officers, regardless of the context and the situation, regardless of the facts. He pivots to cops being the aggressors, instead of saying that the reason cops have such a huge presence in black communities is because there is a huge crime problem in those parts of the country. That wouldn’t do him any favors, however.

Thankfully, Judge Jeanine Pirro is here to kick him straight in the mouth and shut down his race-baiting diatribe. It was too late for the five cops in Dallas, but not too late for you to hear the truth about what’s going on. Watch this video and share this with everyone you know:

Amen, Judge Pirro. Amen.