What Judge Jeanine Pirro Said About Trump Will WAKE America The F**K UP!

There has been a growing thread of conservative uprising throughout the world recently. Normal, everyday people have finally figured out that they’re no longer the puppets for elitist overlords and their votes actually count for something. They’re tired of getting pushed around by the politically correct left, especially as their freedoms and safety erodes day by day. It’s a cultural shift, pure and simple.

This is what Brexit (Britain’s exit from the European Union) was about, and this is what our Presidential election is about. We are taking our country back from the hands of globalist liberal elites who don’t care about freedoms and right when it interferes with the bottom line and the agenda. They don’t just hate America, it simply doesn’t exist to them.

That’s why we’re so freaking pumped that Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted liberals like Hillary Clinton in her Opening Statement this week. She talked about how our next President, Donald J. Trump, will bring the kind of change that Obama would’ve never dreamed of – a true uprising from the people, for the people. Britain showed what can be done with determined voters, and now it’s our turn.

Listen to her and try not to nod your head in agreement the entire time.

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