Watch: Weatherman Shows How To Instantly Defrost Car Windshield With 2 Simple Kitchen Items

Everyone loves a good life hack. Meteorologist Ken Weathers experienced a spurt of popularity this week after he posted a clever video on YouTube.

The video shows a smiling Weathers demonstrating an easy way to defrost your windshield. Take two parts rubbing alcohol and one part water, mix them together, and voila! The concoction will eat through the frost in seconds.

“Weathers was subject to a few comments from unconvinced drivers who said the hack was dangerous and could crack a windscreen,” the Daily Mail writes

“In response, he told the doubters that he’d consulted with body shops who informed him that if motorists wash or wax their car as recommended, there will be no damage.
He also notes that you can easily wipe the solution of without scraping or scrubbing too hard.”

Weathers’ mini-tutorial has been viewed millions of times. Winter driving is a disagreeable chore to a lot of people, anything that can make it less unbearable is bound to be popular.

A few commenter noted that Americans are behind the curve regarding winter driving. Weathers’ “tip” is common knowledge abroad.

“Besides that I would not recommend to always have a lose (sp) bottle of highly flammable alcohol in the car, you can simply buy a version of this and replace your windshield washing fluid with it. Here in Germany, every gas station has this for a cheap price in winter. You’re good to go in 10 seconds, no matter how icy your windshield is,” one commenter wrote.

(Source: Daily Mail)