Watch Adam Carolla Make Liberal Politician Gavin Newsom Swallow Every Lie He’s Ever Told

The basic principles of economics are a little like the laws of physics; no matter how much you want to change them, the cause and effect will be the same. Spending money now means post opportunity later, taxing people discourages an activity and subsidizing something encourages it and if you perpetually offer a person money for free, they will never work a day in their lives.

Many in the world today think that they can beat the system, though. They treat the welfare system like a rich daddy with deep pockets and if they get their lives in more and more trouble, Pops will spend more money to bail them out. It’s come to the point where producing and flourishing are discouraged.

Radio personality¬†Adam Carolla is making this point when he talks about the wisdom of having a rainy day fund. His guest, politician Gavin Newsom, decided to comment on the racial demographic of the situation, so Carolla ran with it. The ensuing conversation is an excellent example of a conversation any of us might have with an aspiring politically correct individual who knows there is a genetic or cultural predisposition toward something, but they’re unwilling to consciously say it.

Newsom’s white guilt seems to be kicking in big time in this interview, and sadly, I think it’s genuine. First, the minorities convinced themselves that they were somehow modern day martyrs, and then they managed to convince the rest of us.

I understand that in the past bad things happened to many people in this country, and my heart cries for them. But it cries for them¬†not any entitled descendants who try to ride the coattails of a terrible event that doesn’t even effect them. You don’t see the Jewish people refusing to flourish and standing around with their hands out because they were once targeted and murdered by the millions.

Here is the entire interview:

The first step to fixing any problem is to admit that you have a problem. In this case, the problem is not the Latino and African-American communities, it’s our treatment of them. That’s right, I said it. The American government treats them badly by indulging them in this fantasy that they can’t succeed in life and that’s just wrong. It’s time to put aside the white guilt and gently kick these fledglings out of the nest. Will they yell and scream? Absolutely, but it’s what is best for them.

(Source: Youtube)