Tucker Carlson Nearly Made A Liberal Hack Journalist Cry On Live TV

Tucker Carlson is experiencing massive success with his new show and prime time slot. Each and every night he goes on live TV and completely and utterly disproves everything leftists are saying.

This one is no except and could be his best to date. Erik Wemple from The Washington Post came on to talk with Tucker about the left’s media bias, specifically within The Washington Post itself. Wemple completely disregards the bias and is utterly speechless when Tucker shows him the blatant facts.

This one you’re going to want to watch the whole way through.

Wow. Nearly in tears! What Tucker said is true. The WP has always pushed this Russian news on America and this guy can’t even refute it! It’s a printed column and Wemple just can’t even deal. This is how the left operates, people.

What I don’t get is how the left can be so blind to nearly everything they talk about. There are facts, there is usually a middle ground, and then there’s the liberal bias. One of those things is not like the other.

The liberals will twist anything that can get their hands on just to spin it and make them and their whole agenda look good. Thankfully we have people like Tucker on our side to call them on their s**t.