Tucker Carlson Gives Stormy’s Lawyer Brutal 3-Word Nickname

Everyone’s making fun of Stormy Daniels.

It’s an easy story to laugh about. Daniels’ attention-hungry lawyer Michael Avenatti is an even easier target. Conservative powerhouse Tucker Carlson made fun on Avenatti Thursday.

Creepy porn lawyer.

What do you think of when you hear that phrase? Carlson thinks of Avenatti.

“So here’s a political rule of thumb,” Carlson said.

“If the creepy porn lawyer is ‘the savior of the Republic’ in your view, you’re probably not trying very hard to appeal to Middle America, and Democrats are not. In fact, in the last year and a half, the Democratic Party has doubled down on every behavior that got Trump elected in the first place.”

Democrats are behaving as though Avenatti and Daniels will be enough to bring down President Trump. Avenatti is being paraded around on the nightly news like he’s their next candidate.

They’re just embarrassing themselves.

“They routinely vilify tens of millions of Americans based on how they look…They prefer illegal immigrants to U.S. citizens, at this point they don’t even hide that preference, they’re open about it,” Carlson continued.

I almost feel bad for the Democrats. Their party is completely out of control. They don’t have an agenda. They should be gearing up for the midterm elections yet they’re blabbing about a porn star. What’s their message? Vote for us if you like salacious stories?

“Michael the world has had Stormy Stormy 24-7 on every low rated show. It’s old news. Learn about Fisa Abuse, lying to Fisa Courts, 18 USC 793, deleting subpoenaed emails, acid washing hard drives, destroying devices with hammers and then u have a shot at the number one show,” Fox News superstar Sean Hannity tweeted last month.

If Stormy Daniels was old news last month, she must be decrepit now. However, the media seems to live “creepy” Avenatti. They’re giving him even more airtime than they’re giving David Hogg, who’s perhaps the left’s second favorite person right now.

(Source: Daily Caller)