Trump Just Made Hillary’s Bad Week Even WORSE With 1 Move That’ll Give Her PTSD

Hillary Clinton’s national pity party is still chugging along. She’s been flitting around the media, buzzing about how wonderful she is, and how much voters suck, and don’t you know she should have won the election?

President Trump weighed in on her stunts this week, and his response was hilarious:

Crooked Hillary has no game and no direction. Yep, that about sums it up. Unfortunately for Clinton, even her own party is sick of her. Trump was a particularly strong opponent, but Clinton would have lost no matter who she ran against.

Clinton needs to slither back into whatever hole she came from. The public is sick of her. Her latest book would be a great gag gift if it weren’t over 500 pages long.

The Daily Mail compiled a list of Clinton’s excuses: “The former secretary of state also called to abolish the Electoral College which Trump won and she lost…She also used her platform Wednesday to call our former FBI director James Comey, saying he played a big part in Trump’s win… She also spoke about how sexism may have played a factor in her stunning loss.”

In other words, she blames her defeat on the Constitution, James Comey, and sexism.

(Source: Daily Mail)