Trump Just Cut The Head Off Of ISIS

This is an incredibly impressive week for the Trump administration. Despite the distractions caused by the Russia investigation, President Trump is still highly effective.

On Thursday it was revealed five key ISIS militants had been captured as part of Operation Roundup. This is huge! Trump’s forces are absolutely decimating ISIS.

“#Iraq captures 5 key Daesh leaders during #OperationRoundup. The arrest is a significant blow to Daesh & demonstrates close coordination between #ISF & #SDF in their fight to #defeatDaesh. @CJTFOIR is committed to lasting defeat of Daesh & setting conditions for stabilization,” the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve Army, Col. Ryan Dillon, tweeted.

Two of the captured men are the most prominent ISIS militants to ever be taken alive. U.S.-backed forces brought the men into custody. Now, they’ll interrogate them.

“These arrests are a significant blow to ISIS as we continue to remove its leadership and fighters from the battlefield,” Maj. Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway, a Pentagon spokesman, said.

“The success of this operation is indicative of the improved capabilities of our partners to defeat ISIS… the Coalition is not in a position to confirm details on the captured leaders, and we have no additional information to offer at this time”

ISIS is in tatters. The crazed men and women who are still swearing allegiance to the extremists are desperate. A few of the men who were just caught are responsible for hundreds of murders. There was no way for them to step aside quietly. Their options were capture or death.

The liberal media won’t be able to twist this. Nabbing multiple ISIS leaders is a big achievement for the administration. The fake news predictions that Trump would be a weak, ineffective president haven’t been realized.

Now that ISIS is in its death throes, it won’t be long until the group is completely powerless.

(Source: Daily Mail)