Trump Appointee Neil Gorsuch Just Made History At The Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch is already making history. The Trump appointee hired a Native American clerk for this year’s term. He’s the first Justice in American history to do so.

Since 2005, almost 90% of Supreme Court clerks have been white and most of them of them have been male.

The Trump administration is often skewered by the left for being tone-deaf on issues surrounding race. Liberals claim President Trump and his followers are racist.

It’s not true. In reality, his administration has been creating opportunities.

“I hope that if other Chickasaws read about my experiences, they will recognize that nothing stops them from pursuing any dream that they have too,” Tobi Merritt Edwards Young, an enrolled citizen of the Chickasaw Nation said.

“Somebody from where they are from is going to be working every day at the Supreme Court, and there’s no reason that there shouldn’t be many more to come.”

There are 60,000 Chickasaw in the tribe today.

Gorsuch and Young have worked together for over ten years. She was one of the lawyers who worked with Gorsuch before his 2017 confirmation hearings. They began working together in 2003 after she graduated from law school.

It’s not surprising that Gorsuch is already making waves. He was a highly controversial choice before he was confirmed.

“He has not been shy,” John Malcolm, vice president for the Institute for Constitutional Government at the Heritage Foundation, said.

“Sometimes you might expect a new justice to sit back for a while before wading in on significant issues, certainly in writing dissents and concurrences… But [Gorsuch] has shown none of that. He’s acting as if he’s been sitting on the high court for years.”

The Trump administration is full of people like Gorsuch, people who the left dismissed but are extremely competent and good at their jobs.

(Source: TIMEDaily Caller)