Trey Gowdy Tells The Truth About Russia That No Trump-Hating Liberal Will Ever Admit

The media might be more to blame for America’s fascination with President’s Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia than Congress. At least, that’s what House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy believes.

Gowdy explained his point of view on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Popular media outlets have been whipping their viewers into a frenzy, shouting “collusion!” every chance that they get. Of course millions of Americans are concerned. They’re being fed lies about their president every single day.

“Tucker, the hyper focus on collusion is not Congress’ fault — I would say folks in your line of work have been focused on collusion much more than certainly Republican members of the House,” Gowdy said.

If the Democrats continue raging over a non-story, it could seriously impede the White House’s ability to pass meaningful legislation. That’s why the president said that fringe leftists are the real obstructionists in the country.

The House investigation is multi-pronged. The real concern is whether Russia attempted to meddle in the presidential election, and if they did, to what extent. The supposed misdeeds committed by the Trump administration represent a small part of the investigation and are only supported by paltry evidence.

The Trump administration needs to slough off the mania and focus on policy. The scandal will eventually peter out, if only because Americans will grow sick of hearing about it. It’s tiring to hear baseless allegations repeated every day.

If anyone should be worried about what Congress might found it’s people associated with Barack Obama. If Russia’s attempts to sabotage our democracy succeeded in any way Obama would likely know more about the attacks than Trump.

In fact, Gowdy told Carlson that the House investigation into Washington’s response to 2016 cyber crimes is solely concerned with the previous administration. America’s response “has nothing to do with Trump — that’s an Obama administration response.”

(Source: Daily Caller)