Trey Gowdy Makes Liberal Sanctuary City Mayor Admit That He’s Breaking Federal Law On Live TV

It would be easy to say that United States Congressman Trey Gowdy takes no prisoners, but that is, in fact, the opposite of what he wants to do. Gowdy is asking the question that many American’s have been screaming at our TVs in frustration:

How is any federal law enforcement supposed to deal with immigration if local law enforcement won’t lend a hand with information and holding.

Watching Gowdy take such a common sense approach is a very gratifying thing to see.

Trey Gowdy makes an excellent observation that in this country, citizens are called suspects until they’ve had a jury trial. But the individuals in question are not citizens, they are illegals.

What Gowdy and other conservatives are proposing is that we treat them like like criminals. If they are in this country either because the jumped a border or overstayed a visa, then they have no real rights, other than the ones given to them by God and the geneva convention.

The removal and cleanup of the illegal population should be priority number one to local law enforcement if their true goal is to keep their city safe. These law enforcement officials are correct when they say that there is no good answer to the families of those being affected by violent illegals.

Protecting citizens against foreign enemies is the job of the military, but protecting at home is the job of the local law enforcement. The fact that anyone would want to tie their hands shows the disconnect that they have with the issues of the real people in America today.

(Source: Youtube)