Trey Gowdy Just RIPPED APART FBI Director James Comey And PROVED Hillary Is GUILTY!

If there’s one thing you know about American politics, it’s that you never mess with North Carolina representative Trey Gowdy, because he does not mince words and doesn’t ask softball questions, especially when the case is something so full of blatant corruption.

Gowdy was an asset on the Benghazi investigation, and on this landmark case, where FBI Director James Comey was called to explain his reasoning behind not pursuing Hillary Clinton on charges, despite federal law being broken multiple times.

Gowdy lays into Comey with the same straight-talking sense that you’d expect, and makes it crystal clear that Hillary did in fact break the law, and the only way Comey tries to get out of it is by trying to dodge the questions he’s asked. This is a miscarriage of justice, and I can’t wait until Donald Trump is in office, to take care of Hillary once and for all!

Here’s the clip. Share it with everyone that stands for truth: