Tomi Lahren’s Response To The “Peaceful” Protesters That Attacked Her Is Freaking PERFECT

Tomi Lahren has, over the course of the last election, become a celebrity in her own right. She took down Obama and Islam in one fell swoop, and never stopped being a young conservative voice in the madness that is our political system.

However, that doesn’t stop the opposition from trying to physically assault and attack her on the street. Here’s her story of what happened the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Lahren tells it like it is, and makes the very clear point that many people don’t want to be assaulted in public, so that’s why they didn’t show up. This is what bullying is, and I’m glad that the silent majority stood up against it on election day.

According to TMZ,

Tomi Lahren says it’s no wonder a lot of Donald Trump supporters were no-shows at the inauguration, because she says she was attacked by a left wing mob right in the street. We got the super conservative talk show host in D.C. Saturday night, where she mocked what she called the “loving, intolerant left.” She says the viciousness in the air is why the Trump crowd was smaller than other inaugurations.

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(Source: TMZ)