Time Magazine Names ‘Person Of The Year,’ But Readers Instantly Spot What’s Wrong With Cover

There’s approximately one time a year when people pretend to care what Time Magazine publishes, and that’s when they name their “Person of the Year.” As you can imagine, it’s almost always some leftist that earns a spot on the cover, usually for specious reasons.

But this year, rather than name a single person, the magazine decided to name the primary people responsible for exposing Harvey Weinstein and initiating the subsequent avalanche of revelations concerning sexual harassment. However, the absence of one of the key figures on the newly released cover photo has sparked outrage, as it’s apparent the magazine blatantly snubbed the person most deserving of credit.

As reported at the Daily Mail, on Wednesday, Time magazine made its annual announcement concerning their “Person of the Year” award. This year, the women behind the #MeToo movement were given the honor and granted the much-coveted cover photo.

But as soon as the issue’s cover started spreading across the web, critics started asking one question over and over: “Where’s Rose McGowan?

Where is @rosemcgowan as one of ‘The Silence Breakers’ you morons at Time Magazine?” Twitter user @notmyname02 asked. “I don’t understand why Rose McGowan wasn’t on the cover,” @TheatreChick76 added.

To McGowan’s credit, she was one of the first actresses to publicly accuse Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault this fall. McGowan has been very vocal about the sexual improprieties in Hollywood for a long time, burning many bridges in the process. Her coming out against Weinstein is what sparked others to finally come forward, yet it’s a bunch of Twitter warriors receiving the credit, not a direct victim bravely speaking out.

McGowan’s been the most vocal of Weinstein’s litany of accusers, and without her initial revelations, who knows if others would have come forward or if the subsequent purge throughout the media industry would have occurred.

In all, six women are part of Time’s cover photo for person of the year. Those included are Ashley Judd, another Weinstein accuser who spoke out in the first Times story, and Taylor Swift, who testified against a radio DJ who groped her in August.

Happy for all the silence breakers and imma let you finish but the PERSON of the year, singular — the one who got the ball rolling — was Rose McGowan,” Twitter user @tommyomalley wrote. “Time should’ve given it to her, bc that woulda created a more compelling historical document than the amorphous “silence breakers.””

While Time certainly dropped the ball, at the end of the day, who cares. It’s nice to get credit officially, but everyone already knows McGowan’s the one who broke the ice. Not only that, her actions are already helping to facilitate a much-needed change throughout the industry. That’s the real reward, not some cover photo for a dying magazine.

Source: Daily Mail