This Former Governor Said “White Lives Matter”. What Liberals Did Next Was DISGUSTING!

At a Netroots Nation conference in Pheonix, Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and Senator Bernie Sanders went head-to-head on certain key issues – one of them being the left’s red herring, which is race. At a certain point, the talk was hijacked by protesters chanting the phrase “black lives matter!”

In reponse, O’Malley said:

Black lives matter, white lives matter, All lives matter.

A pretty reasonable thing to say, right? The liberals in the audience immediately turned on him and took to twitter to reveal their frustration in the politician:

O’Malley then had to APOLOGIZE for saying that everybody is equally as valuable as everybody else. What an ridiculous travesty.

What’s absolutely disgusting is that this is clear and overt racism, but liberals are either too brainwashed or dishonest to admit it. Lives only matter when they’re not black – but they definitely don’t matter if they’re in their mother’s womb. God forbid they’re white.

(Source: Yahoo!)