This Black Man Just Went On A Killing Spree And The Liberal Media Is SILENT

When Michael Brown gets shot after charging at an officer, it gathers nationwide attention from the mainstream liberal media, starting race riots. Al Sharpton makes an appearance and Obama calls a press conference to talk about it personally.

When career criminal Freddie Gray dies after being detained by police, the liberal press is there to claim racism and to fuel the fires of more race riots. Just like clockwork, Al Sharpton and the media leeches are there to incite more of the bigoted nonsense that have made them so famous.

Todd West, 22, of Elizabeth is accused of killing seven people. (Union County Prosecutor's Office)

However, when 22-year old Todd West kills¬†seven people in two states over the course of two weeks, the liberal media has its ears shut and mouth closed. The Obama administration hasn’t made a statement, nor have any press conferences been called to comfort the people affected.

Between May and July, this piece of human garbage managed to kill four people in his home town of Elizabeth, NJ Рone of them being his cousin, according to He then went on to kill three more people before he was apprehended in Allentown, PA last Sunday.

The prosecutor's officer released a map of the killings allegedly done by West.

West is accused in four murders and a fifth shooting in Elizabeth. (Union County Prosecutor's Office)

This is the unfortunate reality of the liberal media – the unlikely event of a white person killing a black person is given the attention befitting a political assassination, but if a black man goes on a shooting rampage, it’s business as usual. To them, black on black crime just doesn’t exist.

(Source:, Union County Prosecutor’s Office)