This Actual Native American Conservative Woman Proves Elizabeth Warren Is A Racist Con Artist

NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield invited former liberal-turned-conservative Dana Loesch to talk about Elizabeth Warren’s publicity stunt during the Senate confirmation hearing for Attorney General.

Warren was cut off and asked to relinquish the floor by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell after she tried to intentionally break one of the rules of conduct and read a letter from Martin Luther King’s wife, written in 1986.

Warren has been crying foul ever since and attempting to paint everyone who opposes her opposition of the president’s nomination, as racists and bigots.

Stinchfield and Loesch set the record straight in this interview, outlining Warren previous use of fabricated race issues to further her own career. Loesch, famously, has more Native American heritage than Elizabeth Warren.

In reality, Jeff Sessions has had a stellar record and even pushed for the death penalty when prosecuting a Klan member.

There is speculation that Warren may be trying to make big enough name for herself to try for a presidential bid, with the possible endorsement of party leader Harry Reid, in 2020.
Heaven help us if anyone decides we should #letlizspeak quite that much.