There’s Been A Dramatic Change With Food Stamps Since Trump Took Office

Participation in bloated entitlement programs is dropping. Confidence in President Trump and a surging economy have led to greater prosperity for countless American families. Food stamp enrollment, in particular, has plunged since Barack Obama left office.

The Obama administration nursed a dependent culture. Democrats believe pumping money into society will solve all of its problems. Conservatives, by contrast, recognize that people like being able to take care of themselves.

Enrollment in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) hit a six-year low last year. It’s a striking difference from President Obama’s last few years in office, which saw a record number of people depending on entitlement programs.

“Federal spending for SNAP totaled $68.0 billion or 4 percent less than in the previous fiscal year… This was also 15 percent less than the historical high of $79.9 billion set in FY 2013,” the government reports.

President Trump didn’t have to do anything dramatic. Plain, common sense was enough to fix Obama’s mistakes. The former president waived work requirements for food stamps in 2009, doubling the number of healthy, childless adults enrolled in the program.

Trump reinstated work requirements. Almost immediately, the number of able-bodied adults dependent on food stamps dropped dramatically. In a few southern counties, SNAP enrollment fell almost 90 percent.

In, fact Trump’s reforms are working so well Democrats are worried. They can’t wrap their heads around the idea that people don’t need the government to take care of them.

“We have grown increasingly concerned about the nutrition policies being pushed by the Majority,” 19 Democratic House Committee on Agriculture members wrote in a joint letter Thursday.

“Items you have outlined in your meetings with us and that have been reported in the press are a significant cause of concern,”

Their concerns have more to do with their political agenda than the health of struggling Americans.

(Source: Daily Caller)