The Winner Of The South Carolina Republican Primary Is…OMG!

The Republican primaries have been heating up lately, with stiff competition on all sides. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz took out all the stops to try and oust Donald Trump from the top spot, while Jeb Bush spent his SuperPAC dollars to try and not finish last.

However, the polls are in, and the votes have been counted in the majority of counties in the state.

The winner is DONALD TRUMP!



According to The Atlantic,

Voting just ended in South Carolina, and the exit polls show a race that’s still too close to call. Exit polls are most useful for giving a portrait of an electorate and its views; they’re imperfect as predictive tools. They suggest a race split in two. There’s a tightly clustered pack at the front, with Trump, Cruz, and Rubio. Far behind are Bush, Carson, and Kasich. That mirrors the polling in recent days.

However, as of 7:39 PM EST, Google and Fox News have called it in favor of Donald Trump, even with 1 percent reporting! OH YEAH!


UPDATE (Feb 20, 7:50 PM EST),

Businessman Donald Trump is the winner of the South Carolina primary, multiple news sources project. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz are locked in a close race for second with each pulling in about 20 percent of the vote. Trump stands at about 34 percent of the vote.

In exit polls, voters said the state of the economy, illegal immigration and terrorism were the most important issues. As was the case in New Hampshire earlier this month, a majority of Republicans in South Carolina say they feel “betrayed” by their party.

You can watch LIVE coverage here:

(Source: Google, The Atlantic)

We will have more results as they unfold, but I can’t be more proud to be on the Trump Train! What about you? Let’s hear it in the comments!