The Mainstream Media Tried To Bury YouTube’s #1 Star, But Didn’t Expect His EPIC Response

The liberal media will stop at nothing to push their agenda and demonize anything and anyone with a differing opinion. This includes anyone that is not politically correct. Seems like the tables are turning on their annoying, backwards thinking.

For many, YouTube is a place to go for amazing free thinking and creation of ideas that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Where else could someone who plays video games, records their reactions to playing, and posts ti for the world to see be a massive success. This is exactly what happened to Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie on YouTube.

The Mainstream media got a hold of his video where he allegedly makes some anti-semitic jokes and they completely unloaded on him. If you watch the video, it’s clear that he’s joking, but because it’s un-PC of him to make jokes and EVERYTHING is offensive to liberals, the mainstream media had a public crucifixion of Kjellberg.

Here’s Mark Dice with the story:

Now he’s getting the last laugh in this epic response video to the liberal media. Watch the whole thing. This is 100% worth it.

We can draw a lot of parallels between Kjellberg and Donald Trump. These are two public figures, one (Trump) much bigger than the other, that the MSM seems to be hellbent on destroying. And why? Becuase they see these people are threats to the echo chamber way of thinking.

We applaud Kjellberg for speaking out against the mainstream media and how ridiculous and backward it all is.

Sites like ours, seem to be the last true way to get honest opinions without all the BS. I’m glad we’re here to being you stories like this so do us all a favor and share this with your friends. Kjellberg‘s story needs to be heard and not just by conservatives. We need to show people that the liberal, mainstream media is backward, wrong, and couldn’t care less about individuals, creative advancement, or opposed thinking.