SNL Finally Admits One Thing About Trump That Has Liberals Pissed

SNL has some of the highest ratings its enjoyed in quite a while, thanks to Trump. All the anti-Trump folks are rallying and using the show as stress relief.

However the only issue is that the proper gander that SNL promotes is only being consumed by Hillary supporters, as it’s likely that no die-hard Trump voters watch SNL due to the blatant bias and leftist agenda.

Watch this report by InfoWars for an in depth analysis on SNL and why there message is not being consumed by a wide sector of society.

The corporate Globalist media attempted to influence the election for Hillary far more than Russia may have against her. The only difference is that Wikileaks was indisputable evidence compared to the blatant,see through lies of the fake news media like NBC which is the network that Saturday Night Live is on.

Now, they have Steve Martin wannabe Alec Baldwin,who consistently attacks and criticized Trump’s every move.

However the consistent argument from the left is: “Why are Republicans so sensitive? The press are just doing their jobs!” May I remind them that their job is not to make the news, it’s to report it, and journalists around the country have been violating this fundamental value.

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