Dr. Laura Berman, who was a regular guest on the “Today” show, told Inside Edition Friday she gave him sex toys to help him spice up his rocky 19-year marriage with his wife, former model Annette Roque.

We were in the makeup room and he sort of asked the makeup artist to leave,” said Dr. Berman. “He asked me about sexual aids and devices. He confided in me about some of the struggles he was having in his married relationship.”

Lauer apparently sought Berman’s help because he didn’t want to be recognized in a sex toy store, which would be highly likely considering his celebrity status, so he thought Berman could hook him up with the goods.

Dr. Berman says her outing of Lauer’s issues is perfectly justified seeing how he’s not a patient of hers and she’s not obligated to keep things a secret.

I brought him a shopping bag filled with toys from my line that were designed for couples, spicing things up,” she claimed.

While that’s a perfectly logical and acceptable reason to have such a bag of toys, according to reports about his transgressions, the toys played a part in his firing. He supposedly gave one away to a colleague with a sticky note saying where and how he hoped she’d use it.