Secret Service Agent Who Refused To “Take A Bullet For Trump” Gets A Taste Of ACTUAL Justice

Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady first came under scrutiny about 7 months ago after she said that she would rather do jail time than take a bullet for Donald Trump. At the time, President Trump was still presidential candidate Trump, but even so, her unwillingness to put her life in danger for what could be the next president was problematic.

O’Grady is the agent in charge of all travel to and from the Denver C.O. area for those under Secret Service protection, so this was especially troubling to those traveling during the campaign.

Over and above the obvious problem with speaking out against your boss, the Secret Service is all required to adhere to something called the Hatch Act restrictions, including these two rules:

  • May not post a comment to a blog or a social media site that advocates for or against a partisan political party, candidate for partisan political office, or partisan political group.
  • May not use any email account or social media to distribute, send or forward content that advocates for or against a partisan political party, candidate for partisan political office, or partisan political group.

Via The Washington Examiner:

The Secret Service will permanently remove a top special agent from her position after an investigation into her Facebook comments that she would rather not defend President Trump or take “a bullet” from him, but some agents are concerned she will simply be transferred to another government job.

About two weeks ago, the Secret Service placed the agent’s prior post — the special agent in charge of the Denver District, the top job in that office — on a list of agency openings, according to two Secret Service sources.

Kerry O’Grady, the agent in question, is on administrative leave amid an internal Secret Service investigation into her Facebook comments about Trump.

While it’s a crucial part of our freedom in America to have the right to disagree with anything said by anyone at any time, there are instances where doing your job is more important than an opinion you disagree with. Such is the case with someone in the secret service. Law enforcement is on average a very conservative group, but you didn’t see any of the Secret Service under President Obama saying that they would go to jail before they protected him. That’s because protecting a leader from danger has an honor all it’s own.

Nobody says that you have to agree with the man’s policies or lend him a pen when he’s signing an order that you disagree with, but as the saying goes; you have one job.

You literally have one job.

(Source: The Blaze)