Sarah Palin Has Perfect Response To Stormy Daniels Controversy

Sarah Palin isn’t interested in the Stormy Daniels scandal. On Thursday, she told a rapt super PAC audience that President Trump’s private sex life has nothing to do with his fitness for his role.

Some people were surprised to hear Palin say so. She’s an extremely upright, moral person. Democrats hoped that Republicans would be so disgusted by Trump’s antics that they would turn against him. However, that’s not what happening.

“Their tactic is to divide us… and to divide, they distract,” Palin said.

“The real threat isn’t if a private citizen, you know, messed around, had an affair or whatever with a consenting grown-up years and years ago… You know, we’ve had men in office – literally in the office! – do much worse.”

Palin seemingly admitted that Trump had an affair, something that the president has publicly denied multiple times. No one cared. Trump’s supporters have already been through the ringer. They’re not going to abandon him because of a tired old porn star.

“I don’t excuse any of that,” Palin said.

“I’m just saying – repeating what some neanderthals still say: ‘Oh, boys will be boys.’ Oh yeah? Boys will be boys, and that’s why they shouldn’t run the world.”

Palin is still a popular political figure. She’s influential. If she’s willing to look past extramarital indiscretions, then so are the rest of conservative voters. People care about the president’s ability to fix the economy. They want to be able to provide for their families. What happens in the president’s bedroom doesn’t concern anyone but the people involved.

Stormy Daniels and her lawyer are promoting their story wherever they can go. Liberals are still clamoring after the details. They don’t want to talk about what Trump’s actually doing because he’s too successful. They can’t tar him if they focus on the White House.

So they keep blabbering about Daniels.

(Source: Daily Mail)