Sally Kohn’s Terrorism Solution Is The Dumbest Thing Any Human Has Ever Said

According to CNN’s Sally Kohn’s Twitter, she is “America’s second favorite cable news lesbian.” Personally, I’m not a big fan of who I assume to be the first lesbian in line (except for her work as “Dory” that was adorbs). But I still think I could find another one to put in front of Kohn that we could all like better than her; especially after reading these tweets.

Kohn, like many of the ill-informed liberals of today, thinks that she’s got the cure for terrorism. Apparently, this chick was born in the wrong decade, because she’s all about peace and love solving all the world’s problems. Also, I’m not at all sure that she was completely sober when she went on this particularly juvenile rant (and no, it’s not just you; my writing program doesn’t like her grammar either).

Via Conservative Tribune:

CNN contributor Sally Kohn posted several tweets over the weekend that encapsulate the failure of liberal thinking when it comes to Islamic terrorism.

Responding to the terror attack in London, Kohn’s proposed political correctness as the solution.

“It’s not cause of terrorism. It’s antidote,” she tweeted.

She said that when we make political correctness the scapegoat, “we undermine values of tolerance and equality that are ALWAYS our best weapon against hate.”

“Our values of pluralism and inclusion and equality are under attack. The answer to terrorism CANNOT be to throw away our values,” she said.

Well, this just fixes everything! I’m sure that terrorists the world over spend their time on Twitter waiting to hear what an American (someone they’re supposed to kill) woman (someone they consider at the same level as a dog) who’s uncovered (someone they’re allowed to rape without retribution) self-proclaimed lesbian (somebody they’re double supposed to kill) has to say about their actions and the state of their heart/mind.

You might need to take your psycho-babble elsewhere Sally, these aren’t the kind of people that you can reason with. Both because they don’t listen to reason, and because you don’t have any to offer.

(Source: Conservative Tribune)