Rush Limbaugh Perfectly Describes Stormy Daniels With 3 Words Democrats Will Hate

Democrat party mascot.

That’s the nickname that Rush Limbaugh gave to the left’s favorite porn star, Stormy Daniels. The sad thing is that he’s not exaggerating. Liberals are staking all of their hopes on Team Daniels.

The midterm elections. Do the Democrats have an agenda? I’m not sure, because the only thing that the party is blabbing about is Daniels.

“I think it’s fabulous. You know their new mascot is becoming a porn star walking a runway in a G-string with a bunch of dollar bills stuff into it,” laughed Rush Limbaugh during a taping of his show.

“What could be a better modern-day mascot for the Democrat Party than Stormy Daniels barely wearing anything with dollar bills stuffed into it while prancing around a bunch of drunk guys next to a pole in a place like the Bada Bing? If that’s not the perfect mascot image for the Democrat Party. Let ’em own it!”

Democrats can’t figure out what they want. The party is completely out of control. No one likes Nancy Pelosi yet she’s refusing to step aside. Their best shot at a 2020 victory are women who claim they’ll never run (Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama).

The focus on Daniels and her tired old story is a big mistake. Limbaugh’s right, when Daniels isn’t giving drugged-up interviews she’s prancing around in a thong begging for dollars. It’s a great gig for her. The liberal media isn’t helping the Democrats rebuild their party but it is creating a great career for Daniels. She’s absolutely raking in cash.

“Proving my point. It used to be Russian collusion. Nothing there. Used to be collusion. Nothing there. Now they’re on to Stormy Daniels and they can’t get rid of it. Stormy Daniels in a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live actually made an AP news story,” Limbaugh said.

Expect to keep hearing about Daniels and her antics. Dems don’t know when to let things go.