Right After Fueling Stormy Daniels Controversy, Rudy Makes North Korea Announcement

The Trump administration made a huge announcement Thursday. In the midst of the Stormy Daniels saga, Rudy Giuliani distracted public attention. The Trump lawyer told Fox & Friends that North Korea had agreed to release three American prisoners.

Why is the media spending so much time on Daniels? President Trump is making incredible advancements with North Korea. He was able to do what his predecessors weren’t. There’s even talk of awarding Trump a Nobel peace prize.

Yet liberals want to focus on the porn star who claims to have had an affair with Trump 12 years ago.

“We got Kim Jong Un impressed enough to be releasing three prisoners today,” Giuliani said.

Administration sources confirmed that the release is imminent.

“We think that that would be an incredible sign of goodwill, and certainly a great statement for the North Koreans to make ahead of the summit and the discussions,” White House press secretary said.

The North Korea conflict is deep and complex. Previous administrations took the wrong approach. President Trump has signaled both that he’s willing to try diplomacy and that he’s not someone you want to mess with. North Korea will feel the brunt of the U.S. military if the country tries anything aggressive.

“I’m skeptical now about what kind of an agreement we could make with North Korea that would convince them that we’re sincere about it this time,” Historian Bruce Cumings, author of “The Korean War: A History and North Korea: Another Country

“I imagine it would have to come in the context of diplomatic relations finally being opened between Pyongyang and Washington, and guarantees both by South Korea and the US that they would not attempt regime change, or invade the north.”

President Trump is doing remarkable things. The three men whose freedom he negotiated might have been to left languish if it weren’t for him.

(Source: New York Post)