Researchers Open Ancient Jesus Statue, That’s When They Find Mysterious Note

Researchers studying an 18th century Jesus statue made a stunning find. A handwritten note was discovered jammed into the wood.

The Daily Mail reports: “The note dates back to 1777 and is signed by Joaquin Minguez, priest of the cathedral of Burgo de Osma at the time… It discusses popular Spanish pastimes, the local village’s economy, political and religious matters, famous people, among other topics.”

Because of the author’s intent focus on local life, researchers believe that he or she may have been using the statue as a time capsule. It’s a fascinating discovery, a glimpse into another life and time period.

“The document of the eighteenth century appeared when we were dismantling the Christ of the cross,” restorer Gemma Ramírez Millares told the Mail.

“The wood is hollow inside, and the sculptor introduced the two permaninos, which we have found… The document found talks about life in the town in 1777, the author, the local economy, games and customs of the time, etc.”

The authentication process will be long tedious. Criminals have become sophisticated; experts will be hesitant to say that the note is legitimate until it’s been closely examined.

“It is amazing, because it really is unique to find hidden handwritten documents inside such statues,” local Spanish historian named Efren Arroyo said.

A few people have expressed skepticism. There’s a lot of money involved in fake historical documents. The fact that the note was discovered inside a Jesus statue makes it especially interesting.

The statue is usually kept inside a small church.

(Source: Daily Mail)