After Refusing To Resign, Al Franken Gets Nasty Surprise From His Home State

Sen. Al Franken is losing support in his home state. He refuses to resign, forcing Minnesotans to constantly hear about his sexual peccadilloes. Multiple women accuse the old pervert of slyly groping them for photo ops.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune published an opinion piece this week casting doubt on the sincerity of Franken’s apology.

“Under such circumstances, Franken’s apology is less a statement of accountability and more akin to ’ I’m sorry for what you think I did,’” the paper wrote. “Franken may just be trying to ride out the storm, as is the case too often these days .”

Franken hasn’t really admitted to his wrongs. He apologized for making is accusers feel uncomfortable, but he insisted that he remembered events differently and never meant to hurt them.

“It’s debatable whether he is, as he said, ’ holding myself accountable.’ Without saying he didn’t do it, he nevertheless has countered every allegation except the one that carries indisputable proof — the infamous photo of him appearing to grab at Tweeden while she slept ,” continued the Star-Tribune.

” Is he suggesting these women could not distinguish between a friendly embrace and groping? Or that at his age he somehow groped unintentionally? Can one credibly apologize for acts without acknowledging they occurred?”

Franken’s weak apology is typical behavior from a Democrat. They have a propensity toward burying their own sex scandals while broadcasting those of conservatives.

“As he continues his reflection, we urge the senator to consider what is best for Minnesota and to weigh that more heavily than what might be best for his political career,” the paper advised.

(Source: New York Post)