Putin Praises Kim Jong-Un: ‘Absolutely Competent And Already Mature Politician’

When it comes to North Korea, the tiny rogue nation has very few allies. Even those that might be considered as such (Russia and China) are more like occasional teammates against a common enemy, i.e. the United States.

But as dictator Kim Jong-Un has become more unhinged and aggressive, China has become more cooperative with the US on the issue. However, Russia hasn’t really made any moves, opting to stay out of dispute so long as it doesn’t negatively affect them. For the Soviets, North Korea acts as a check against US expansion and meddling in the region, so it’s not so bad having Kim carry that load for them. Highlighting the Soviet’s stance on the issue, Russian Prime Minister had some interesting words about the dough-boy tyrant.

As reported at the New York Post, while talking with the Russian media on Thursday, Putin said that North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un has proven himself to be a mature leader who wants to decrease the tension between the US over his nation’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Putin said Kim “is an absolutely competent and already mature politician” who has “solved his strategic task — he has a nuclear warhead and a global-range missile.”

Now, in Putin’s view, Kim is “cleaning up the situation, smoothing it, calming it.

One can help but imagine Putin laughing on the inside, as what he’s really saying is that Kim has done a fabulous job at ensuring his regime’s survival by successfully pursuing a nuclear weapon despite US sanctions and threats. And by developing the ability to launch a nuclear warhead across the globe, it makes deterring the US that much easier.

While Putin may be praising Kim’s actions, President Trump has been at war with him via Twitter. Both leaders have traded barbs over the last year, with the latest coming from Trump, bragging that America’s nuclear button is “bigger” than Kim’s.

It’s uncertain what game Putin is playing at by talking up the fat dictator, but his words certainly are questionable. It’s hard to call Kim mature when he routinely murders his underlings for what he views as poor performance or some other inconsequential reason. But Putin isn’t wrong to suggest Kim’s been successful, as every day that his regime is intact can be considered a success.

Source: New York Post