Poll: Oprah Is Beating Trump By 10 Points

It’s only been three days since Oprah gave her celebrated Golden Globes acceptance speech, and already, we’re seeing the first polls emerge concerning a potential presidential run in 2020.

With Trump proving that a celebrity with no political experience can win the highest election, leftists are thinking that their best chance at victory is to put one forward themselves. And who better than the self-made Oprah?

As reported at Rasmussen, with speculation running wild, we have our first Oprah vs. Trump poll, and the numbers don’t look good for the president. With Oprah hysteria running high right now, a Rasmussen Reports telephone and online survey found that 48 percent of likely voters would choose Oprah, while only 38 percent would choose Trump.

Making the numbers more interesting is the sizable number of undecided, which was at 14 percent.

Breaking the poll down by political affiliation yields about what you’d expect. Oprah has the support of 76 percent of Democrats, 22 percent of Republicans, and 44 percent of non-affiliated voters. Whereas Trump elicited 66 percent of Republican support, 12 percent Democrats, and 38 percent from the unaffiliated.

An even 12 percent of both D’s and R’s said they were undecided given the matchup whereas 19 percent of un-affiliated were unsure.

When it comes to favorability rating, Oprah earned high marks. About 55 percent of all voters said they had a positive view of the former television host, while only 34 percent had an unfavorable view. Interestingly enough, 18 percent said they had a very unfavorable view of the rather non-controversial entrepreneur.

Rasmussen’s survey included 1,000 likely voters and was conducted on January 8-9, right after Oprah’s glowing award speech. It’s not too surprising to see her with such a sizable lead in the hypothetical match-up, considering the timing of the poll and massive propaganda war the media’s been waging against Trump.

But should she actually run, she can expect all her skeletons to be dug from the closet, including her more than cozy relationship with the disgraced Harvey Weinstein. The ball is no in Oprah’s court, as she’s going to have to decide if running for the highest office in the land is something she’s capable of doing.

Source: Rasmussen