Poll: Only 6 Points Separate Roy Moore And His Democratic Opponent

Something incredible is going on in Alabama. The entire nation is glued into the controversy wrecking the state. Will voters put aside their distaste for liberals and choose a Democrat as their next Senator? Or will they vote for accused pedophile Roy Moore?

Poll results indicate that Alabamians are choosing the pedophile.

The extent of the allegations heaped upon Moore, would, you think, be enough to crush his campaign, but for some reason, he’s still thriving. Donations are pouring in and supporters are remaining steadfast.

Multiple women claim that Moore sexually molested them when they were still underage. Some voters say that they won’t give credit to the women’s accusations until they come up with proof.

A survey conducted by WT&S Consulting found that Moore is currently beating his opponent by six points.

“This survey shows Roy Moore tracking down slightly since the allegations were released by the Washington Post but still holding a 5.9 percent lead,” pollster John Wahl told Breitbart News.

“Undecided had the most significant increase while Doug Jones also gained some support over the last ten days. Polling has been all over the place in this special election for U.S. Senate. I have seen numbers ranging from Roy Moore being ten points up to him being eight points down, and that’s surveys conducted during the same time frame.

There have even been polls where Barack Obama had a higher favorable rating than Donald Trump. Clearly, that does not properly represent the voting history we have seen in Alabama’s past elections. My objective with this survey was to get some clarity on where this race actually is.”

Alabama is thisclose to being represented by a pedophile.

(Source: Breitbart)