Police Force Makes Terminally Ill Boy’s Christmas Wish Come True With Heartwarming Gift

While bored Millennials and overpaid athletes complain about police brutality, everyday police officers are doing their best to improve their communities. Still, the anti-cop bias inculcated by the Obama administration is too strong to be easily swept aside.

Officers in Chelsea, Massachusetts stunned their community by surprising a terminally ill child with Christmas gifts. Police cruisers and cameras surrounded Edison Cordero’s house Wednesday, bathing the two-year-old in attention and love.

Edison received child-size police uniform, an electronic police cruiser large enough for him to ride in, and a strapping nine-foot Christmas tree.

“Chelsea Police named the car an honorary unit in the city fleet and Edison an honorary police officer,” the New York Post relates.

“The Boston Police Department also donated $5,000 for the Corderos for the holidays.Chelsea Police first visited Edison in November, after his mother asked if just one officer could stop by their home. The entire day shift showed up instead, bringing gifts for the boy who was diagnosed with brain cancer.”

It was a touching experience that wrung tears from more than one eye. Little Edison has had a tough life so far, and he may not live long enough to experience all the wonderful things that his parents want for him. It’s important to his family to make the most of every moment.

Black Lives Matter agitators rarely talk about moments like the one law enforcement shared with Edison. They want to hate the police; they feed on violent stories and reject everything else.

(Source: New York Post)